The Boat


Begun in 2001, the TP52 Class Association was started by boat owners who wanted to race boats that were safe, fast, and dependable. So the TP52 became the perfect high-performance racing platform, with a 2800-pound weight limit, allowing for 12 to 14 crew, depending on individual weights. The class has grown enormously since its beginning, partially because 52s are such fast boats to sail…in 2004, boats in California set the class speed record at 32 knots racing downwind!


The IRC-52 is an evolution of this simple racing machine, and optimized for the IRC handicap rating rule. The IRC-52 features now include a bowsprit, deeper draft for more stability, twin backstays, and a square head mainsail to maximize performance. The class has grown and evolved over the years, and is now one of the most competitive fleets in the world, raced primarily at regattas in Europe, Australia and in the United States.


For more information, please visit the IRC-TP52 Class Association website.